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ECOWAS must assess France’s influence within francophone Africa



He suggests that such an evaluation is imperative to pave the way for a new and more autonomous approach, empowering these Francophone countries to independently shape their destinies.

Ablakwa underscores the urgency of this call by pointing to the ongoing instability in Niger, which serves as a cautionary example.

He cautions that unless a significant shift occurs, more Francophone nations could potentially experience similar challenges, ultimately leading to heightened instability within the region.

The lawmaker’s suggestion comes on the back of an order issued by ECOWAS for the deployment of its Standby Force to restore constitutional order in the Republic of Niger for the restoration of constitutional order.

In his plea, Ablakwa stresses the need for a paradigm shift that grants Francophone countries greater autonomy and control over their domestic and international affairs. He emphasizes the importance of allowing these nations the space and agency to make decisions that align with their unique circumstances and aspirations.

Speaking to Class News’ the lawmaker said “ECOWAS must now begin to have an honest frank and very deep assessment of the current situation. All the analysis I’ve read indicates that we may even have more on the horizon in other French territories if a certain fundamental reconfiguration does not take place.

“This France hegemony over its former colonies will have to be reassessed so that we can have a new paradigm where there will be more autonomy, more power to these countries and they will have the full ability to determine their own destinies.

“That’s why if you’ve noticed all of these coups are very popular, they have been very well received by the masses…”

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