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ECOWAS closes border with Niger Republic



In a press statement to news men globally, the Acting Comptroller General of Customs in Nigeria, Bashir Adeniyi made known to news men.

According to him, the current situation in Niger has mandated the authority of the head of state of Nigeria to temporarily close its borders with Niger, and there are restrictions on movement along the areas as demanded by ECOWAS.

He, therefore, advised Nigerians and fellow ECOWAS member states who use Niger Republic to travel through Libya to stay safe at home, saying that only Nigerians that are returning home were allowed to cross the border.

He also said Nigeria Customs had deployed its personnel to block all the unorthodox roads through which some of the foreigners may likely infiltrate.

“You know Sokoto and Niger Republic, we are a homogeneous society, with the same language, religion and culture, but we have a colonial boundary which we must respect,” he added.

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Source: Franck Obimpeh, contributor

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