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Dr. William Atta Owusu resigns from NDC, cites betrayal



A longtime member of the National Democratic Congress, Dr. William Atta Owusu, has resigned from the party, citing its “shameful” decision to disown him despite his years of dedicated service.

In a statement announcing his resignation, Dr. Atta Owusu wrote, “I, Dr. William Atta Owusu, am left with no choice but to tender my resignation from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), effective immediately.”

He expressed deep disappointment with the party’s leadership, stating, “After dedicating years of service to the party, I have been shamefully disowned and dismissed by the very same individuals who benefited from my tireless efforts.”

Dr. Atta Owusu criticized the NDC’s leadership for their actions, calling them a “cowardly attempt to distance themselves from me,” which he said “exposes the party’s true nature – one of deceit, betrayal, and ingratitude.”

He further asserted, “I will not continue to be associated with an organization that so readily discards its loyal members. My resignation is a testament to the party’s toxic politics and its disregard for the well-being of its own. I will always stand by my principles and values, even if it means standing alone. Farewell, NDC. Your loss is my gain.”

The resignation follows a recent viral video where Dr. Atta Owusu appeared on Kessben FM, discussing the NDC’s 24-hour economy policy. In the video, he made controversial statements that sparked widespread discussion and confusion regarding his affiliation with the NDC.


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