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Douala Building collapse: Desperate search dey go on for Cameroon building collpase




Di incident happun early on Sunday morning for di Ange Raphaël neighbourhood. Di cause of di incident neva dey clear.

At least 21 pipo injure, many of dem dey collect treatment for one nearby Laquintinie Hospital.

One three-year-old girl wey dem carry go hospital on Sunday bin later die.

Emergency services and distressed neighbours dey search under rubble for survivors.

Di regional govnor, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, don reassure pipo say di situation dey under control and rescue teams go make sure nobody remain under di wreckage.

One top official tell BBC say im dey bitterly disappointed say pipo die despite efforts dem make in recent years to improve safety.

“We bin happy say for a while now we no get dis kain disaster – especially for Douala wia di mayor really dey try to bring order,” Kizito Ngoa, di head of Cameroon Order of Civil Engineers wey dey regulate housing for di kontri.

Since di last big building collapse wey happun for Douala for 2016, di city council don dey don dey demolish houses wey dem see say dey at risk sake of flooding or landslides, but dem no mark di four-storey building wey collapse on Sunday for demolition.

Residents tell tori pipo say di building bin look old and week but local officials neva confam wetin cause di accident.

For one statement on Sunday, authorities remind anyone wey wan build house for Douala say dem must first get official permit plus “stick seriously to di approved design”.

Oga Ngoa tell BBC say failure to follow planning rules na one of di biggest cause of building collapses across di kontri. E add say di builder must reveal di true cost of a construction project and make am dey clear to di public.

“Widespread feeling dey say everyone fit just do wetin dem want” and “pipo just wan save money for all stages of a project”.

Sometimes council workers get hand for dis kain tin, e tok, and wen sanctions and inquiries happun dem no dey tok about am enof.


Source: BBC

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