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Don Little should be banned from driving – Oboy Siki to authorities



Ghanaian actor, Oboy Siki has called on the Ghana Police Service and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to retrieve the license of his colleague, Don Little, as he explains that his stature doesn’t permit him to be on the road.

Oboy Siki in an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani called out authorities for issuing a license to the popular actor with dwarfism.

“Ghanaian police have made a big mistake because he (Don Little) doesn’t qualify for driving with his height. He can’t even acquire a license but someone managed to obtain it for him illegally.

“The office which issues licenses put a lot of things into consideration before granting an individual a license. There are rules and regulations that guide their operations…in Ghana, we take a lot of things for granted,” he said.

Oboy Siki in reaction to a viral video that captured Don Little cruising in his car with actor Yaw Dabo, argued that the man will lose control of the steering wheel in case of an accident.

He raised safety concerns and admonished his colleague to employ a driver.

“How can he (Don Little) manage when his car hits a big pothole? What hands will he use to hold on tight to the steering wheel? He can easily fall. When they travel abroad, the white folks see them as kids… whoever got him that license is looking for his death…Yaw Dabo has never driven a car so I will admonish Don Little to desist from driving,” he advised.

Watch the video below:



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