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Doctor reveals how most women fake orgasm out of love

A medical doctor, Frederick Agey Gesus, has revealed why most women fake orgasm during sex.

According to him, most of them do it to impress the men they have sex with, but he added two main reasons why women fake orgasm.

He told Adwen the Love Doctor on e.tv. Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen show, “The first is out of love. Some women are in relationships where they are not in love with the men but are probably with him for his money or have been forced to be with him or marry him because of all they are gaining from him. “All of this can cause a woman to fake orgasm in order to keep him.”

He also noted that there are instances where, although the woman loves the man, she does not enjoy sexing him; hence, she will always fake orgasm just to make the man feel good about himself.

“Lack of communication in sex can also push a woman to fake orgasm. “Some women are shy about communicating with their partners during sex, especially when they are not enjoying the sex,” he said.

Dr. Frederick disclosed that this is usually common among pastors or those who hold ministerial positions in churches.

“The women in such situations are mostly afraid to speak to their partners, so they will rather fake orgasm. “Also, the fear of ladies losing their partners can also make them fake orgasm,” he added.


Source: etvghana.com

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