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Do you have two holes in your lower back? Then see what it means



Our bodies may surprise you. One of them is as follows: What is a butt or back dimple, exactly? Small holes or dimples known as “dimples of Venus” frequently appear on the lower backs of women.

Also called “Venus Holes,” they have several names. They’re called “Apollo Holes” by men.

Here is a comprehensive explanation of the Venus Holes.
There are craters on Venus.

These holes are caused by a little ligament that is crushed between the skin and the posterior superior iliac spine.

The location of the pelvic bones is more frequently found where they converge. Due to the lack of muscle, the skin enlarges to fill the space, leaving a slight depression or “hole” above the waist.

The honorific name “Venus” is given to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, because it is believed that she represents beauty.

You don’t always have these beautiful indentations. Venus holes cannot be created; one either has them or they do not.
What does it all ultimately mean?

Your health will benefit from these gaps. The “Venus Holes” represent a robust body and healthy blood flow. They are sexual as well. Orgasms seem to come more easily to those with Venus Holes.

The Venus holes’ ability to enhance blood flow and their advantageous positioning in the pelvic region, which encourages climaxing, are the causes of this. People with Apollo or Venus dimples engage in sex more frequently because they get excited more easily and generally find it more enjoyable.

Weight loss may benefit from the Venus holes.

According to medical professionals, if your dimples are very obvious, you are underweight, which shows that you have a healthy weight and a full, active life.


Source: Ghana Trends

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