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‘Did your mentor give birth naturally?’ – Sally Mann jabs McBrown while addressing childlessness rumours



It appears Nana Ama McBrown has received another jab from Sally Mann, in the latter’s quest to attack people who claim she doesn’t have kids.

In an interview with Zionfelix, Sally addressed claims that she should focus on bringing forth kids instead of chastising celebrities who have got that aspect of their lives figured out.

While addressing the assertions, the first attack was targeted at netizens.

“Whether I have kids or not, it’s none of their business. I wish they will take time and come and find the beautiful kids that I have. What? I don’t have show my kids. Because they are not in the industry and that is not their business. My kids are my family. My kids are my kids and they are not for them.”

Sally Mann who seemed to have more concerns about the allegations, went on further to rant,

“Whoever that they’re following, did the person give a natural birth? Whoever! I don’t care! I am just saying that whoever they are following didn’t give birth naturally. The way God prepared me for me to have a baby own my own, did the person experience that?” she fumed.

These comments comes after she (Sally), labeled Nana Ama McBrown a hypocrite during the same interview.

Sally’s ‘natural birth’ jab was said to have been targeted at McBrown who had a life-threatening IVF procedure after several years of childlessness.

On Zionfelix’s part, he seemed to have analyzed that Sally had diverted from the questions and this caused him to cut short the interview.

“It’s okay. Let’s not go there. We were talking about something else. It’s okay,” he concluded.

However, netizens have slammed the controversial pundit for spewing such comments.

Watch the video below:


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