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Diamond Appiah recounts bitter encounter with Fadda Dickson, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s son



Earlier, it was purported that Diamond Appiah and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite have been in a silent feud over the years and the reasons were unknown.

But clarifying the claims, Diamond said her anger is rather directed at Fadda Dickson and Despite’s son, Kennedy.

Giving a vivid account of what transpired between them, Diamond Appiah said Fadda and Kennedy once tricked her into putting her movie on hold, just because a character acted like Dr. Osei Kwame Despite in one of the scenes.

In the movie, Diamond said, the main character, Akrobeto, played the role of a poor husband who was disrespected by his wife and did all the house chores including washing her underwear.

Narrating further, Diamond Appiah said Akrobeto later became rich, ditched his wife, and adopted the name ‘Despite’, and this seemingly sparked disapproval from Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s camp.

She said, Fadda Dickson and his godson, Ken, did all they could, including promising to pay her off, so as to prevent her from airing the movie.

An infuriated Diamond said after spending lots of money on producing the movie, she has since been unable to air it just because they claim it seeks to plunge Despite into disrepute.

“I produced a movie. Akrobeto was the main character. He played the role of a poor husband whose wife disrespected him. He used to wash his wife’s panties and so on. So later on in the movie, he got rich and then established a business empire. There was a scene where he was saying that he owns PeaceFM, This way chocolate drink, and maybe that’s what they didn’t like. So, the movie was out and I even made arrangements with Silverbird for the premiere. I shared some snippets on my WhatsApp and Fadda Dickson received it because he was on my contact list.

“Not too long after, Akrobeto called to tell me that Despite isn’t happy with the video and that he is willing to foot the cost of the movie so I shouldn’t air it. I tried to convince them but it didn’t work. I had two meetings with Fadda Dickson and they said they are willing to foot the cost. I waited and waited nothing came,” she stated in an interview with GHPageTV

Diamond said she has since been going back and forth with them over the payment but to no avail.

“So, I asked my lawyers to write to them demanding the money and they told me they don’t have any money for me. They told me I should rather come for airtime on their TV station. They were not fair to me at all. It was a stupid thing to do,” she added.

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