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Details of why director at Bawumia’s office is being investigated over unathorised clearing of imported rice



James Keck Osei, the Director of Administration at the Office of the Vice President is one of the four persons who are being prosecuted by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

The four persons are standing trial over their failure to declare their property and income.

The four accused persons are Issah Seidu, James Keck Osei, John Abban & Peter Archibold Hyde.

Following this development, the office of the vice president has detailed why the OSP is prosecuting James Keck Osei.

In a press statement issued by the Vice President’s Secretariat and signed by Augustine Blay, the Secretary to the Vice President, they disclosed that Mr. Keck Osei had written an unauthorised letter to the Commissioner General of GRA “seeking assistance in clearing 15 containers of rice” imported from Thailand in April 27, 2022, adding that the containers of rice needed for Ramadan festivities.

According to the Secretariat, GRA did not comply with Mr. Keck Osei’s letter but rather informed him that there was another claimant of the rice.

However, James Keck Osei wrote another letter on July 5, 2022 asking the Commissioner to cancel any prior action taken based on his previous letter.

The OSP subsequently took up the case in September 2022 and started investigating it.

The Vice President’s Secretariat said only the secretary to the vice president is mandated to write on behalf of the vice president and James Keck Osei did not have such authority.

Meanwhile, the Accra High Court has granted bail to some persons standing trial over their failure to declare their property and income.

The High Court granted bail to three persons out of the four persons after they pleaded not guilty.

The fourth person was absent due to ill health.

Below is the statement:



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