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Derrick Evans; The most wanted Social Media FRAUDSTER based in the UK



The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine! Time has apparently catch-up with young UK-based Ghanaian, who has mastered the draft of duping unsuspecting Ghanaian women on social media in an extraordinary faction.

The Ghanaian prema-donna, who has been described in some circles as an embodiment of insolence and profoundly immoral, usually parades himself as Captain Yankson, even though he has not seen the four corners of a military barracks in his entire miserable life.

The fraudster goes by the name ‘Derrick Evans’ when dealing with a more gullible client, our checks revealed.

What is more, ‘Derrick Evans’ uses his ‘charity’ Derrick Cares Foundation as a piggy bank to extort monies from unsuspecting organisations. He takes seat of honour at events to receive all the plaudits, but usually leaves without giving anything.

Unmarried young career women are his cash cows as he tricks them with fake marriage proposals to dupe them of their hard earned money.

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