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Delay’s explosive interview with Shugatiti



Among others, Shugatiti, who unequivocally said she does not believe in the Bible noted that she lived with her stepmother during her childhood days and was maltreated a lot. She mentioned that the stepmother used to squander her school fees and beat the hell out of her.

At age sixteen, she broke her virginity.

“My stepmother was hostile that you couldn’t even sit and watch television with her; she would sack you. So, my only friend was porn. We talked about it in school and I watched on my phone,” Shugatiti said.

At seventeen, she moved to Accra to stay with a female friend and survived on the benevolence of people, especially men who found her attractive. She completed school and later decided to venture into makeup.

“Nobody was minding me so I started taking bikini pictures… I came to realise that when you’re naked, you look more beautiful than when you’re covered,” she recalled disclosing she created two Instagram accounts – a personal one and another for her nude photos.

Her first photo where she was only in a G-string went viral, making her conclude it was the way to go.

As the interview progressed, Delay, host of the show categorically mentioned to Shugatiti that she was into prostitution, a statement the “seductive woman” refuted as she said men willingly gave her money because they liked her nude photos.

“The Bible says a seductive woman is a trap; more dangerous than death,” Delay said as she quoted Ecclesiastes 7:26 to support her remarks. “So, if you can take erotic photos for men in exchange for money, then you are an agent of the devil.”

Delay further questioned Shugatiti’s source of income with the nudist claiming she makes money from advertising. That response raised more concerns.

“We both know they can’t fund your rent… Won’t you grow, look back and regret?” Delay asked, with Shugatiti replying “It’s an art I’m doing.”

Delay retorted: “Is it not prostitution in disguise? Putting your nudes out there for people to watch? For how long will you be embarrassing your family?”

Shugatiti responded: “I’m not embarrassing anyone. I’m living my life. It’s a stage in life. When I get to a stage where I feel like changing, I will change. And I said earlier that I have my plans.”

The nudist said she does care if her mother would be proud of her; she does not know if her father would be proud of her. For her late grandmother, “she was a Muslim so she would be hurt anyway.”

At the tail end of the interview, Delay said: “Don’t hide behind being a nudist. You are a prostitute who is using your nude pictures to seduce men who are lost.”

Once again, Shugatiti refuted the claim, insisting what she does is an art.

As Shugatiti trends following her encounter with American porn star King Nazir, GhanaWeb brings back the interview with Delay.





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