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Delay shoots down possibility of dating Ras Nene



Dekay Ras Nene Jbvjdn.png

Media personality Delay has cleared the air over suggestions that actor Ras Nene who recently expressed interest in her during an interview might have a chance of winning her heart.

The comic actor revealed that the host of The Delay Show has all the qualities he wants in a woman. Ras Nene also added that he is good in bed, a quality he boasts can cause Delay to will all her properties to him.

“…you are my line (type) …very much so, maybe if I get you in bed, you will bequeath all your properties to me…I will deal with you very well… we are in charge, try the gangster, try the street boy and see,” said Ras Nene.

The viral clip has generated tons of reactions from social media users.

A Twitter handler @jojo_phake wrote that Ras Nene’s words might have moved the media personality. He predicted a love affair between the two.

“After watching the interview what I observe is @Delay falls in love with @RasNene.

But shooting down this claim, Delay wrote: “I haven’t fallen in love with anyone. Please allow me to do my work.”

Check out the post below:

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