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Death penalty on singer Sharif-Aminu is dangerous – EU parliament tell Nigerian government



For dia resolution on 20 April 2023, dem highlight di risk wey dey involve for di death penalty wey di singer chop.

Sharif-Aminu bin chop accuse for 10 August 2020 say im tok wetin no good about Prophet Muhammadu (SAW).

Dem convict am based on Section 382 (b) of Kano penal code of 2000.

Oda tins wey dey for di resolution

Di European Parliament for di resolution tok say di International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) restrict capital punishment to di most serious crimes.

Dem say di blasphemy laws for Nigeria na violation of di kontri international human rights commitment, di African Charter and di Nigerian Constitution wey guarantee religious freedom and freedom of expression.

Dem urge di Nigerian goment to immediately, unconditionally release Sharif-Aminu and drop all di charges against am.

Di European Parliament also want Nigerian goment to release Rhoda Jatau, Mubarak Bala and odas wey dey face blasphemy allegation.

Dem also want di Nigerian authorities to uphold human rights throughout di kontri and ensure say federal, state and Sharia law no deny Nigerians protection under di national Constitution and international conventions.

Di European Parliament urge Nigerian authorities to cancel blasphemy laws at federal and state levels.

Di European Parliament for di resolution say Nigeria get big influence throughout Africa and di Muslim world and dis case get di opportunity to lead di way towards abolishing blaphemy laws.

Dem urge di Nigerian goment to tackle impunity wey surround blasphemy accusations.

Dem also urge Nigeria to immediately withdraw di use of capital punishment for blasphemy and take steps towards full abolition.

How Sharif-Aminu take waka

Afta Upper Sharia Court find am guilty of blasphemy and sentence am to death, Sharif-Aminu appeal di judgement for Kano State High Court.

For 21 January 2021, Kano State High Court order retrial on di grounds say procedural irregularities dey for di trial.

For 17 August 2022, di Court of Appeal uphold di Kano State High Court order for retrial.

Sharif-Aminu for November 2022 file appeal wit di Supreme Court against im conviction.

Im argue say di blasphemy law under Kano State Sharia Penal Code directly violates Nigeria Constitution and binding international human rights treaties.

Di musician still dey prison at di moment.

Who be Yahaya Sharif-Aminu

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu na Islamic gospel musician from Kano State wey no too dey popular.

Im belong to di Tijaniyya order, one popular Sufi Islamic order across North and West Africa.

Within di Tijaniyya, im belong to wetin dem dey sometimes call Niassene Tijaniyya.

Wetin be blasphem for Islam?

For Islam, Blasphemy na wen pesin disrespect or abuse important figures for Islam or any law wey dey inside Islam.

Di worst na wen pesin tok bad tin about God or prophet Muhammad, dat one na death penalty while odas like abusing or disrespecting top disciplines or Islamic laws get various punishment

According to experts, di blasphemy laws different and no be all dey lead to death penalty.

Yusuf Sani wey dey well versed for Sharia law tok say pesin wey disrespect or abuse disciples of di prophet no go get same punishment as pesin wey abuse di prophet himself.

“So wetin pipo suppose know about dis blasphemy laws be say na step by step. After Allah next for Muslims na prophet Muhammad SAW and anybody wey disrespect those ones fit get death sentence.”

“Even regarding disciples of di prophet, dem get levels, for example Abubakar, Umar, Othman and Aliyu na top, so pesin wey abuse or disrespect dem go also get punishment although e no go reach di first case own.”


Source: BBC

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