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Court throws out Tsatsu, confirms day to day trial for Gyakye Quayson



The court emphasized that its previous order, issued on June 16, adhered to legal guidelines and that no grounds for a review were presented.

According to Justice Yanzuh, “Adjournments are at the discretion of the court and not the convenience of parties.

The order of this court was clearly in line with the law. Mere refusal by the court does not constitute a denial of the right to a fair trial.”

The judge asserted that Mr. Quayson’s rights were not violated by the court’s decision to deny him additional time for campaigning.

Mr. Quayson’s lawyers had requested a review of the court’s order, arguing that he needed time to campaign ahead of the Assin North by-election scheduled for June 27.

They also presented documents containing statements made by the Attorney General, which they claimed prejudiced the case.

However, Justice Yanzuh ruled that these statements were not relevant to the matter at hand and did not warrant a review.

“Fair trial is against undue delay. It is in the interest of justice that trials are not unduly delayed,” Justice Yanzuh emphasized, adjourning the proceedings to June 29 and July 4.

The judge further stated that the trial would proceed on a day-to-day basis thereafter, taking into account the unavailability of the court on Mondays, the upcoming by-election, and the upcoming Holiday and Martyrs’ Day.

Deputy Attorney General Diana Asonaba Dapaah expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, noting that it aligns with established legal principles. She stated, “It sits with what we have always said that it is up to the court to decide the dates for hearings and not at the convenience of an accused person.”

A member of Mr. Quayson’s legal team, Baba Jamal, echoed his satisfaction with the ruling, stating, “We don’t have any issues with day-to-day after the polls. We needed time to campaign. Even though our application has been dismissed, we are satisfied.”

This ruling sets the stage for the trial of James Gyakye Quayson and highlights the court’s commitment to ensuring a fair and efficient legal process.



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