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Couple flies from Finland to eat banku at Ajagurajah’s church



According to the Ajagurajah Movement leader, the woman and her husband had traveled from Finland to taste his food.

“A white lady and the husband came all the way from Finland to eat Ajagurajah banku,” he shared on January 26, 2023.

As she waited in line for her banku and pepper, the Caucasian woman in her 40s wore a black dress with a scarf knotted around her head, dressed exactly like members of his congregation.

This post has left netizens stunned and reacting.

In some social media reactions, a netizen said, “look at the way they are pampering the white ???? but if ebe black man in white land.. different treatment… Africa is blessed with hospitality.”

Another added that “Spirituality Over Religion!! Hope to come for my own Banku Soon. AJAGURAJAH POWERS!”

“Happy birthday Papa…God bless you and thank you for your teachings..still Ajagurajah Powers..????.Please continue to show us the way,” another wished.




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