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Could you give NDC a showdown when they arrested you? – Bawumia’s boy to Ken Agyapong



Paul Kwabena Yandoh, administrator of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Ashanti Regional Communicators Directorate and a supporter of the Mahamudu Bawumia campaign has raised doubts about Kennedy Agyapong‘s aspirations to become the NPP flagbearer.

According to him, Kennedy Agyapong‘s recent actions and emotions displayed during the NPP super delegates elections buttresses his business-oriented nature and nothing like a presidential demeanor.

Speaking on a panel discussion on Wontumi TV on August 31, 2023, he acknowledged that while Agyapong may have the party’s interest at heart, his actions and demeanor appeared more aligned with a businessman’s approach.

“I will say that there is no doubt that he has NPP loyalty in him, he has the party at heart but I will tell him, he is a businessman, from what I saw in this election, he is a businessman; he is not a president-to-be.”

He criticized Agyapong’s motivations for threatening to give the sitting president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia a showdown.

“From what I saw and the kind of emotions that he displayed, it seems like someone whose goods have been locked up at the port, and that’s why he’s reacting this way.

“But to do all of this just because of an issue involving your agent, so you would challenge the entire president and vice president? What’s the correlation, and why would you do that?

“You have been arrested before, the NDC arrested you. What kind of showdown were you able to stage against them? This time it involves your agent, and because of that, you say you will give the president and vice president a showdown… I want to remind you that during those times when you were arrested, some of us were single.

“Today, some of us are married, so nobody will leave their spouse to come and spend the night at the police station with you anymore. Therefore, if you continue to behave in this manner, you may lead us into opposition.

“You must remember that you were arrested when we were in opposition, and today, nobody will follow you to come and spend the night at the police station,” he stressed.

An irate Kennedy Agyapong was captured on video protesting the alleged mishandling of his agent in the North East Region.

In the midst of his anger he threatened to give the president and his vice a showdown. He has since been invited by the party’s disciplinary committee over the comments.



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