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Completely uncivilized to use force against a lady – Bagbin angry over disturbing video of immigration officers assaulting a woman



Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has called for an investigation into a video that shows immigration officers assaulting a woman at the Aflao border in the Ketu South Municipality.

The video, which has sparked widespread outrage, was brought to the attention of Parliament by the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Abla Dzifa Gomashie.

In the disturbing footage, gun-wielding immigration officers can be seen physically assaulting an unarmed woman.

Speaker Bagbin has directed the Interior Minister to provide a comprehensive report to Parliament on the incident by July 29, 2024.

During the parliamentary session, Speaker Bagbin underscored the unacceptable nature of such behaviour by public servants, particularly against women. He emphasized that public servants are expected to serve the public and not resort to the use of force.

“I further direct that the Minister for Interior should report back to this house as to what action has been taken in this direction. I need to emphasize that public servants are servants of the people. We volunteered to serve Ghanaians,” quoted him.

He further differentiated public servants from the armed forces, noting that while the armed forces are trained to use force as a last resort, public servants have no mandate to do so.

“Public servants are people who have volunteered to serve the public and that service we must render. We are not by law and by concept to use force,” he said.

Expressing his dismay at the incident, Bagbin pointed out the particularly egregious nature of the assault being carried out against a woman.

“What is really making it worse is that on the side of our ladies, it is completely uncivilized to use force against a woman. It’s not at all allowed, and so I’ll allow the investigations to go on, and let’s see what happens.”


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