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Cocoa farmers threatening to cut down their cocoa trees for galamsey

It appears that the effort to stop illicit mining, known locally as Galamsay, is insufficient, and the government and its minister should work extra hard to ensure that it is over.

Over the years, Galamsey operations have ruined most of our agricultural areas and poisoned several of Ghana’s water bodies.

As a result, several sections of the country are experiencing water shortages.

The worst thing is that the majority of these unlawful galamsey activities are carried out by Chinese nationals who use heavy machinery.

Unfortunately, some Ghanaians are felling their cocoa trees and exploiting the area for galamsey activities because the cocoa isn’t bringing in enough money.

The lack of government financing and the necessity to provide farmers with fertilisers and farming equipment to operate their farms means they must cut them down and utilise them for galamsey.

In this 17-minute video, you will see a man cutting down his cocoa trees for galamsey operations and being questioned by the reporter about why he was doing so and what he would say if the government arrested him.

“I have plenty money in my pocket so I don’t mind cocoa, look, am now cutting it off,” he said.


He continue by saying, “it my own bonafide property nobody can stop me, are you the one who plant it for me,” he quized.

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