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Claims of sabotage and power play: Details of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy’s UG concert saga



Ghana’s music scene witnessed drama when two rival musicians, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, were scheduled to perform at separate concerts within the same venue on June 8, 2024.

Shatta Wale was supposed to perform at James Top Nelson Yankah Hall (TF hostel), while Stonebwoy had a concert planned at Liman Hall, both located within the University of Ghana campus.

However, Shatta Wale’s show was cancelled, sparking outrage among his fans and the artiste himself.

Taking to social media, Shatta Wale launched a tirade against Stonebwoy, accusing him of orchestrating the cancellation to avoid performing at the same venue.

In a heated TikTok video, Shatta Wale hurled insults at Stonebwoy, even involving his family.

He alleged that Stonebwoy had used his influence to coerce university authorities into cancelling the event, citing a personal vendetta.

Despite Shatta Wale’s claims, investigations revealed that Stonebwoy had no involvement in the cancellation.

Entertainment commentator, Olele Salvador clarified on Twitter that the University authorities had cancelled the event due to a lack of prior approval.

“I can confirm the cancellation of the much-anticipated Reunion Rave and Artiste Night at James Topp Nelson Yankah, which was headlined by Shatta Wale.

“When DTS Intel Africa spoke to a source at the University, it was revealed that the Hall had planned a Reunion Rave and Artiste Night as part of a two-day alumni engagement. However, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs cancelled the event as it was not approved in the initial program outline submitted for approval,” he initially stated.

Further revelations came from Shatta Wale’s manager, Sammy Baah Flex, who claimed that the concert took place but there was an “order from above” to exclude Shatta Wale from the concert.

Flex also disclosed that Stonebwoy’s team allegedly threatened to boycott their performance if Shatta Wale was included.

Olele also shared this information on Twitter, “Interestingly, Mr. Flex also revealed that the initial headliners for the event were Keche & Mr. Drew. According to him, the Dean didn’t have an issue with the aforementioned until Shatta was announced two days ago. He heard that a call was allegedly made from Stonebwoy’s team to the Dean that if Shatta Wale was coming to perform, then they wouldn’t also show up for theirs.

“He says he has filed a formal complaint to the police as a proactive measure should there be any form of reaction from the other side; they are in good standing.”

Meanwhile, Stonebwoy proceeded with his concert at Liman Hall, attracting a large crowd and enjoying a successful event.

However, he has yet to address the allegations leveled against him by Shatta Wale’s camp and the ensuing controversy.

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