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Christian Atsu’s wife opens up on ‘difficult questions’ from children over his absence



She disclosed that the most difficult moments have been when Christian Atsu’s three children enquire about the whereabout of their fathr.

Rupio opened up about their four-year-old daughter’s innocent query, saying, “She asked when her dad is calling.”

During an interview with the BBC, Rupio discussed their eldest son’s struggles. Having shared many cherished moments with Christian Atsu, their son is finding it hard to cope.

Rupio stated, “He is the main one who is struggling because he has more memories” and he is “not really ready to talk about it.”

Rupio also mentioned that their children continue to ask challenging questions that are difficult to answer.

She emphasized that she has been striving to stay strong for her children, saying, “You have to be strong,” she added. “You’re allowed to show emotions, obviously, but you can’t fall down.

“You have to be the rock now for everybody. I do break down a lot of times, so it’s not easy to balance everything,” she told the BBC.

Recalling the heartbreaking moment of breaking the news to their children, Rupio said, “I couldn’t really cry because I was in shock,” she said. I didn’t want to believe [it was true]. I think my body just shut down. The next morning the children had football and I didn’t want to take that from them. After [that] I had to sit them down and explain it to them. It’s not easy. It’s not something you would wish on anybody.”

Christian Atsu died at the age of 31 and was found dead under the rubble of his home in Turkey on 18 February.




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