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Chief rejects alleged destoolment by Okyenhene



Awaorasahene also claiming to be legitimate Chief of Asamankese, Osabarimah Ateabisa Kentinka Pobi Asomaning IV, has refuted claims that he has been destooled by Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin.

Earlier report this week from Ofori Panin Fie explained that the Aworasahene has been destooled by Okyenhene for gross misconduct.

He is accused of parading himself as Asamankesehene while there is alleged legitimate gazetted Asamankese chief in the person of Osabarima Adu Darko III.

Report from Opanin Fie explained that, Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin summoned Aworasahene on the matter but he refused to reappear after his first appearance before Okyenhene.

Okyenhene assigned Daasebre Oteatuoso Nyarko Asumau Appiah, Oseawuohene, to settle the case impasse. It is within the jurisdiction of Oseawuo division however Aworasahene never honoured his invitation.

The statement claimed that Okyenhene recently on June 5,2023 sat on a land dispute case Aworasahene initiated against Kraboa Coaltarhene before the Judicial Committee of Akyem Abuakwa traditional council to settle for him.

Okyenhene questioned if he is before the Judicial Committee as Awaorasahene or Asamankesehene.

Okyenhene rebuked him and ordered he performs rituals to pacify the gods and swear the oath of allegiance again to him as Awaorasahene before his case can be considered

However the report says Osabarima Ateabisa Kentinka Pobi Asomaning stormed out of the palace.

As a result of his action, the report claim rituals were performed for his destoolment.

But Addressing the media at his palace, Osaberima AtiabesaPobi Asomaning described claims of his alleged destoolment as untrue.

He also refuted claim that he disrespected Okyenhene stating that ,he has had cordial working relationship with Okyenhene since he was enstooled as Awaorasahene 21 years ago.

“I was at the Ofori Panin fie on Monday 5th June 2023 to summon a Sub Chief for encroaching on portions of lands in my jurisdiction. However, I was questioned at the Ofori Panin fie by the Okyenhene in what capacity I had summoned the Sub Chief. I vehemently answered to be the chief of Asamankese to his three direct question from Okyenhene. Upon my answer Okyenhene Osagyefo Omoatia Ofori Panin left the house.” He noted.

Osaberima Ateabesa Kentinka Pobi insisted he still remains Asamankesehene and Awaorasahene.

Osabarima Ateabisa Kantenka Asomaning and Osabarima Adu Darko III are both claiming to be legitimate chiefs of Asamankese leading to protracted chieftaincy dispute and intermittent insecurity.

Few months ago, the Abrade Royal family in Asamankese rejected the gazzette of Osabarima Adu Darko II stating that it was fraudulently done without due traditional processes.

Counsel for the Osabarima Ateabisa Kantenka Asomaning also described the Gazette as fake.

Agbotey John ESQ, the Lawyer explains that the alleged gazzette is fraught with flaws and fraudulent procedure which is going to be challenged in court.

“We have sighted a gazette and it fraught with flaws and mistakes.Cearly it tells you that somebody somewhere is pretending to have issued the gazette which for us is fraudulent and that one too is also in contempt of court and it is one of the various contempt actions we are going to take going forward.If you look at the gazette everything about it is different even the process at the time the gazette was issued they did not agreed with the judgement of the judicial committee of the Abuakwa Judicial Council but they had gone ahead to the Eastern regional traditional council ( judicial committee) for that matter and have filed an appeal and the appeal was pending , it was during the pendency of the appeal that they were supposed to have gotten gazetted so how does this conforms with the rules and laws and procedures ,so clearly it is an act in contempt of court” the Lawyer stated

He also said all persons and institutions that took part in the flawed process will be cited for multiple contempt cases.

“The processes we have initiated now is leading to taking over or executing the judgement or the orders of the court as it was given , you know chieftaincy matters do not go to court originally the main court of competent jurisdiction. They go to a judicial committee of traditional council that is where we went and we had victory.”

“Then they did not understand, they went to file a judicial review application seeking to quash the decision of the judicial committee of the traditional council but they failed in that matter. They still went ahead to hold themselves as chief and elders of Asamankese. .We cited them for contempt and they were found guilty they are still holding themselves as chiefs and elders of Asamankese so now what we are doing from henceforth is that we are going to have multiple applications of contempt in court because we are citing them for contempt in each and every act they have done that is against the decision and the orders of the court”.

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