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Charlotte Osei explains her controversial ‘karma’ tweet; calls for equality before the law


Former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei

Lawyer Charlotte Osei has finally explained the rationale behind her controversial “Karma Tweet” that got a number of people talking, especially on social media.

The former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission at the peak of the heated calls for the Health Minister to be sacked from his post due to procurement breaches in the supply of Sputnik V vaccines tweeted “Dear Karma, please calm down small wai”.

A number of social media users linked the tweet to the happenings in the country at that moment, especially because the current government removed her from office due to a petition that was brought against her over some procurement breaches.

But speaking to Accra-based Joy FM in an interview, Charlotte Osei who was coy about explaining her tweet said jokingly that “a little mischief is good for the soul”.

She, however, explained that “We are building a nation and we really need to be a bit more careful on how we go about things. When you talk about Karma, Karma is the biblical equivalent of being what you sow is what you reap and we always look at it as if you sow corn you will not reap maize. We forget that when you sow one seed, you are not going to reap one but rather it grows into a plant and it produces a lot of fruits. So there is the principle of multiplication in everything that we do and even our thought are seeds and when you reap it, you will reap in multiples. That is why we should be careful how we manage certain issues because you know this thing is like a rollercoaster, that’s just how life is. It’s up and down, up and down, round and round so we should be guided”.

When asked about which seed that is currently been reaped, Charlotte Osei said “We are all watching that seed that was planted, that’s a topic for another day”.

She explained further that “It’s not for me to say. Yes, I’m a citizen so I want to go back to the kind of nation that we are building for ourselves and the recognition that life is never a play, life is a series of valleys and mountains. When you are in the valley you don’t get despondent, you don’t get into your comfort zone, when you are on top of the mountain don’t get okay knowing the position may reverse at any time. The cardinal principle of democracy is the rule of law. What this means is that every citizen should receive the same treatment. As soon as you start making distinctions, whether it is the law court or before parliament what happens is that the institutions lose the trust of the people and when they lose trust…”

To her, “If the law is broken by Winston and we sanction him. When Kojo does the same thing we must sanction Kojo”.


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