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Cause arrest of Kennedy Agyapong and let’s see – Campaign team replies Wontumi



According to the campaign team, Chairman Wontumi’s claims to have Agyapong arrested over threats are mere bluster.

Lawyer William Kusi of the Kennedy Agyapong campaign team in the Ashanti Region, addressed Chairman Wontumi at a press conference.

“He has also mentioned that he will cause the arrest of our candidate…I will call it a bluff and dare him to arrest our candidate, we are daring him because, before Wontumi, there were men, typical Ashanti men who won battles for Ashantis, and the generation is not extinct, so he should be careful,” he said.

He continued, “As much as we respect him and his office, he should be careful about what he says because we are ready. Our candidate said that an eye for an eye.

“If there is supposed to be someone who needs to be arrested, it should be him because he slapped a sitting MP and he is walking freely,” he stated.

Chairman Wontumi has threatened Kennedy Agyapong to desist from casting insinuations and issuing threats at him.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, in Kumasi, Wontumi said he would cause Kennedy Agyapong’s arrest should he threaten him again.

He contends that there have been instances where Agyapong’s threats have ended in people’s deaths, citing the assassination of Tiger Eye PI’s investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale, in 2019.

“It is not true that I, Wontumi have ever insulted anybody in the party. If Kennedy Agyapong claims that I have, he should bring his evidence.

“He can personally send it to me in a document form or put it on a pen drive. I’m his younger brother, I will assess the document and do the necessary conciliations,” Wontumi said.



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