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Bolga student Midwife plead thief to return her phone for a reward



In her rather discouraging message, the student identified only as Rita says she has not slept well since her phone was stolen. Rita claims that, as an orphan, she cannot afford to purchase a second phone.

“How will I even pay my tuition? I even owe school expenses. My mother died. I am a home-grown outcast. No one is available to care for me. My siblings and I have difficulty paying our education fees.” Miss Rita narrates with regret.

In a viral video, a level 200 BMTC student, donning her green uniform and surrounded by her peers on campus, can be heard sobbing and pleading for her phone to be returned so she can use it for her studies. Miss Rita wept fresh tears, pondering how she will acquire an Android phone and desiring to repay the ‘thief’ in kind.

“Today at 2:00 a.m., while I was studying, I left my phone on charge. Unfortunately, I fell asleep, and before I awoke, they had taken my phone.” I’m pleading with the individual who removed it to return it. Please return my phone so that I may also learn.” Miss Rita pleads.

Source: Web Reporters

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