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Blind couple reveal how they strangely lost their sight



Fifty-Eight (58) year-old Kwame Boakye Bossman Yiadom and Mrs Janet Boakye, 45 were not born blind which makes there story strange to those who know them.

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV monitored by Mr Bossman Yiadom disclosed that “I got blind and when I was 40 years and despite sustained effort by doctors and spiritualists, I have not been able to see for the past 18 years.

“The doctors told me it was Glaucoma and it started from my right eye and then affected my left eye” he explained.

Mrs Janet Boakye on the other hand also disclosed that “I was not born blind but I got some eye problem after learning hairdressing and since then I have not been able to see again”

According to the couple “we met in School for the blind and we developed love for each other so we decided to marry”.

Mr Bossman Yiadom further explained “When I discussed it with my family that I wanted to marry Janet who is also blind, they didn’t agree but I was determined to have Janet as my wife”

“We have been staying together alone for the past 3 years and we cook, wash and do other house chores without support from anyone” they explained

Mrs. Janet Boakye added “I’m the woman of the house so it is my responsibility to cook for my husband. I know how to cook all kinds of food without anyone’s support”

“I have a contact of one trader so when I want to pound and groundnut soup, I will just contact her and she will buy me all that I need for the cooking and I will  pound ,y fufu  and groundnut soup”

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“My husband will pound the fufu with my support holding the pistil. Sometimes people get confused when they see us doing certain things so they always come around to ask us how we do our things”

“We are best lovers and we understand ourselves because we know our situation. We assist ourselves when one is doing something. Though sometimes we get sad about our situation, we always motivate ourselves because we believe in God”, they stressed.


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