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Big Akwes slaps Frank Naro in public



What was meant for reconciliation, turned into a heated altercation when Frank Naro was asked to greet Big Akwes whiles he (Naro) was greeting patrons at an event.

The two have not had the best of relationship after Big Akwes threatened to end Frank Naro’s life following claims that the singer plotted to sacrifice some Kumawood actors for money rituals.

Earlier, in a viral video, Big Akwes was spotted raining curses on Frank Naro with a bottle of schnapps and eggs, whiles alleging that the musician attempted to sacrifice his colleagues for money rituals during an end-of-year party in December 2022.

“If you go somewhere and you’ve been asked to offer a sacrifice, why would you resort to using actors? People take months to organize parties but it took you just four days to organize the party you invited us to because you had an agenda. You are a useless person. If you want to sacrifice someone, why don’t you sacrifice Maame Serwaa your ex-girlfriend? Foolish man. You want to make money at somebody’s expense. You want to be rich more than adults like us.

“Ask him and if he refuses, call him again but record the conversation. If he ever comes out to say I am lying, I promise you that you will fry his meat. You will mount his canopy and stick his funeral posters on the walls. I am holding my Schnapp, fresh in a box. This is also an egg. If he comes out to say my claims are false, he will smell the rat. Curses upon curses,” Big Akwes fumed in a viral video.

Frank Naro on the other hand, debunked the said allegations and even went further to release a song, in that stead, titled ‘Koom’ which translates to ‘Silence’.

That’s not all, it was reported that Frank Naro had involved the police after Big Akwes further threatened him on social media.

But their paths crossed during an event at a Sports Stadium and Frank Naro was approached by the likes of Wayoosi and others who forced him to give Big Akwes a handshake.

Naro who was initially reluctant heeded the request and upon stretching his hand, Big Akwes landed a slap on his face.

‘Shock’ was written all over the faces of all those who witnessed the scene, including Frank Naro, who held on to his cheeks.

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