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‘Becca’s dad stripped naked for me’ — 21-year-old lady breaks silence

The 21-year-old lady at the centre of the alleged sexual molestation attempt by one Isaac Acheampong , said to be the father of singer Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca, has been speaking exclusively to The Anchor about her ordeal.

Abigail Sefakor Akama, who is a private security guard with Corporate Protection Security (CPS) stationed at Mr. Acheampong’s office building, has, however, denied claims by Mr Acheampong that her company and her were arrested by the Police because they tried to extort money from him (Acheampong).

Abigail disclosed to this paper that she had gone to the bedroom of Mr Acheampong at his Dzorwulu residence, because she was sent for; but the offer ended in attempted sexual molestation, where she was greeted with nakedness of her harasser.

Delving deeper into the issue, the victim-now-turned suspect, said she was informed by an aide to Mr Acheampong by name Opare, that his boss wanted to see her to give her money to purchase the belt he earlier in the day promised.

This is after Mr Acheampong saw the lady without wearing a belt to work, and allegedly promised to give her money to get one.

Without attaching any ill-motive to the instruction, Abigail said, she followed the said Opare to Mr Acheampong’s residence, popularly called ‘Green house’ on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

According to her, even though she was the only one that entered the room, she noticed that the over 70-year-old man was stark naked on his bed at the time. Very shocked at the spectacle, Abigail said, she stormed out of the bedroom before anything untoward could occur.

“When I got to his bedroom, he was naked, so I ran out; but on my way outside, Mr Opare called me asking why I was running out. I told him if the man will not wear anything, then I cannot be there with him,” she indicated.

After convincing her that there was no cause for alarm, Abigail said, “I went back to him, and this time, he had covered up with a towel. Then he asked me to sit down; but when I did, I stood up again and seeing the confusion and discomfort on my face, he asked me if I was scared, and I answered in the affirmative.”

Then, he asked me to undress and go and shower. I was still standing there, then he asked if I had not slept with a man before”, Abigail told The Anchor in Twi.

Not convinced what may happen, Abigail said she decided to run out and never come back. According to her, while running out, she was again called by Opare, but this time, she decided not to respond to him.

Abigail, who was stationed as a guard at Mr. Acheampong’s office building, a distance away from his residence at Dzorwulu, ran to the office building to pick her bag, aiming to go home straight.

According to her, on her way from the building, she ran into a Police vehicle and stopped it for a ride. While in the vehicle, Opare came close to the vehicle to inquire if she wasn’t going to guard the building again, but she answered, “Yes, I will not do it again, I am going home”.

But when contacted, Mr Acheampong denied the allegations, stating that his accusers rather wanted to extort money from him in his house, for which, he got them arrested, he told The Anchor.

He, however, threatened the paper not to publish the story because; “if you dare go ahead and publish anything, you have no knowledge about, you will hear from me”.

Mr. Acheampong also boasted, that other media persons have been afraid to publish the story on the matter, and warned The Anchor to be careful.

“So, anybody that comes close to the case is afraid to publish it. Some people tried to get it published on Opera News but they won’t succeed, I am telling you”.

But the traumatized lady narrated that, immediately she got to Abeka where the security company’s office is located, she called her boss whose name she gave as Stephen and narrated her ordeal to him.

She said, her boss then promised to call Mr. Acheampong to hear his side of the story.

After narrating her ordeal with The Anchor, Abigail’s boss Stephen, also agreed to tell his side of the story and how they ended up at the Ministries Police station and spent two days in custody together with his General Manager (GM).

According to Stephen, after he was informed about the incident, he tried to call Mr Acheampong, but before he could do that, one of his guards who works with Abigail but is on the night shift, had called him wanting to know the house of his colleague Abigail.

Stephen said he tried to find out why he was looking for her, then his staff told him Mr Acheampong asked him to go after her, because of what had happened since he didn’t want her to tell anyone.

According to him, he quickly informed the guard that he was already aware of the issue, but at that moment, Mr Acheampong’s aide, Opare also called the guard and requested that they do a conference call with the three of them and Abigail, as they both narrated their sides of the story.

Even though Opare confirmed what Abigail said, he insisted that his boss did not touch her.

In order to kill the story, Opare later called Stephen, pleading that, Mr Acheampong did not want the case to get into the public domain.

“Later, this Opare guy called me in the afternoon saying that the man said he wants me to help him because he doesn’t want this girl to go round, telling people about what happened. So, I told Opare; then talk to your man, anyhow he wants to solve it so that we let things go. He said, ok.

Some few minutes time, he called again saying that the man said he is ready to give her something – but how much should he give? So I told Opare tell him to find her five thousand (5, 000) [to the girl] so that I make sure she goes back to where she was working or we will get her out of here completely”, he said.

The following day, which happened to be Monday February 28, Stephen said he went with his GM for a different meeting with Mr Acheampong.

After that meeting, Mr Acheampong enquired about his incident with Abigail, of which Stephen informed him that he had already told his GM; so they are both set if he has anything to say.

“He said he doesn’t want to drag the issue so when it is 3 o’clock, we should come around for whatever he has promised”, he said.

Around the agreed time, Stephen said he was called by Mr Acheampong’s aide reminding him about the meeting.

“So, I went there together with the General Manager; then when we entered the house, I remembered that I had left my nose mask so went back to the car to pick it.

Then when I was returning, three Police men came and said I should enter the house so we all entered. Then they said the man made complaint to them that we are coming to extort money from him”, he further said.

He said, he denied the claim adding that they have been working with Mr Acheampong for six years and there was no way they would have done that to their client.

Stephen said they were transported to the Ministries Police Station where they spent two nights. Later, he said, the Police requested for the whereabout of Abigail, but interestingly, when Abigail availed herself at the Police station, she was also detained.

According to Stephen, initially, there was no complainant for the case, but the Police only took a statement from Mr Acheampong, after they were bailed and they went to his house for inspection.

The case, The Anchor gathered, has travelled as far as the Regional Police Command, where Stephen said at the Region, they have formally lodged complaint. He informed this paper they have cut ties with Mr Acheampong as they withdrew their guards from Mr Achempong’s residence.

“What we did, after we went there with the Commander from the Ministries Police Station to his house, I told him that we cannot continue with the contract with him, so we pulled our guards as investigations continue. So, we have pulled out the two, we wrote a letter to him and we pulled our guards”, he said in conclusion.

Earlier reports had indicated that, Mr Acheampong sexually molested one of his employees.

The reports had claimed that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, instead of arresting the accused (Mr Acheampong) rather got the said lady detained at the Police station after the investigator spoke to Becca’s father.

The reports first published by Modernghana.com claimed: “Reports have it that the musician’s father has the habit of molesting his female workers and uses his influence to threaten them, when they attempt to expose them.

However, luck eluded his latest victim who mustered courage to report Isaac Acheampong to the Ministries Police, when the CID handling the case called Isaac Achampong and after speaking with him, detained the victim”.

But when The Anchor contacted the accused-turned-compliant, Mr Acheampong, rubbished the reports, saying he was rather the victim in the matter and has since written his statement to the Police.

He said the three, who have been apprehended had tried to extort money from him in his home.

But he did not fall for their antics resulting in him involving the Police who immediately came in, to arrest the suspects.

He said after they were arrested and spent two days in the Police cells, they went to the media making unfounded allegations against him.

He decried the deliberate involvement of his daughter, who he complained, has absolutely no hand in the matter.

Mr Acheampong, who was hesitant in the beginning of a phone interview when The Anchor, contacted him, later opened up but was very evasive.

“You are looking for information about what? Go to the Ministries Police station and look for the Commander and the CID, they are the ones handling the case.

“I cannot give you any information. My written statement is with the Police they have not completed their investigation. I have gotten those people who are circulating this story arrested,” he said.

While speaking, the call dropped but he called back after a while wanting to know if the reporter new who she was speaking to?

“Were you the one who called? Do you know the person you called? If you know the person, then be careful with the publication you make. I have told you that the case is with the Commander and the CID so any information they (three suspects) give you there is no truth in it.

“I don’t want to say anything for now. For my side of the story, since the Police are still investigating it, I can’t give you details but if you dare go ahead and publish anything you have no knowledge about, you will hear from me. That is why I asked if you know Mr Acheampong”, he threatened this reporter.

He then went on “I reported them to the Police because of what came….. they wanted to extort money from me and the Police apprehended them in my house red handed.

“They were kept in the cells for two days. So the Police are now getting to understand the case properly.

“So anybody that comes close to the case is afraid to publish it. Some people tried to get it publish on Opera News but they won’t succeed, I am telling you.

“I am the one involved in the case so why involve my daughter”, he quizzed.

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