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BBNaija All Stars: Angel fires back at Ike Onyema after he claimed she bought her Benz through runs



The fight broke out when Ike, who is the current head of house, insisted on eating a specific part of the chicken.

However, Angel wasn’t in support of him being choosy about the part of chicken he should be served, and expressed her displeasure.

This quickly degenerated into an intense war of words, with Angel calling Ike a tyrant and accusing him of ‘abusing’ his power as the head of house.

She proceeded to broke shame him, mentioning that she is not interested in the N120 million grand prize, unlike his determination to win even though he won’t “smell” the money.

In response to this, Ike accused Angel of funding her lifestyle and buying her Mercedes Benz through prostitution.

However, Angel fired back at him, telling him to also go and sleep with people in exchange for money so he can afford a lavish lifestyle.

“If e easy, bend over make dem buy you benz,” she retorted.

She also challenged him to reveal his other sources of income asides being a blogger. She further claimed that Ike recently complained bitterly about not having a sugar mommy to bankroll him.




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