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Baby girl shocks doctors after she’s born with a fully-grown tail



In a very rare case, a baby girl in Mexico was born via caesarian section with a five-inch tail that was “covered in hair and skin.” This surprised the doctors.

A baby girl in Mexico was born with a tail that only grows once in a million years and is six centimeters long.

The baby was born by caesarean section in a rural hospital in the north-east of the country. Her furry tail got a lot of attention because it was so unusual.

The Journal of Paediatric Surgery says that the child had never been exposed to radiation or had an infection while her mother was pregnant. She was also born to “two healthy parents” in their late 20s.

The appendage was 5.7 cm long and had a diameter of between 3 mm and 5 mm. It was also cylinder-shaped and pointed at the end.

The doctors saw hair and skin on the tail-like structure, and the baby cried when the appendage was pinched.

Then, they used an imaging test called a “Lumbosacral X-ray” to look at the lower back, but they didn’t find any abnormalities or bone structures inside the tail.

This means that the tail wasn’t useless like an appendix, which has lost its purpose in the body over time. Instead, it was a “true tail” made up of connective tissue, muscle, and nerves.

The doctors checked for a wide range of health problems and found that there were none.

Since there were no signs of skin lesions, it was decided to cut off the tail and fix the area with a Limberg plasty. In this procedure, a diamond-shaped cut is made to remove the damaged skin and tissue underneath.

The child was then sent home, and there have been no more problems since.


From what the journal says: “People rarely have tails. In the most recent study, done by Tojima and Yamada in 2020, they looked at case reports in English, French, Japanese, Italian, and German. Up until 2017, they found only 195 cases of people with tails.”


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