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AY Poyoo’s pet goat steals the show at VGMA red carpet



AY Poyoo, who is known for his humorous lyrics and offbeat style, walked the red carpet with his goat, who was dressed in a shirt and appeared friendly and playful.

The rapper’s decision to bring his pet goat to the VGMA red carpet was a surprise to onlookers and photographers, but it was not the first time he has made an appearance with a goat since they seem to appear in AY Poyoo’s music videos and social media posts.

The goat has become something of a mascot for the rapper and has garnered the artiste following on social media.

During the red carpet event, AY Poyoo appeared shirtless, wearing only a pair of pants and sneakers.

He was also not wearing his signature dog chains, which he often wears as a statement piece, instead, all eyes were on his goat, who followed the rapper wherever he went, playing and posing for pictures.

At one point, AY Poyoo even picked up Scapegoat and brought him onto a mini stage for a 360 video boot shoot.

Despite the chaos and noise of the red carpet event, the goat remained calm and friendly, showing no signs of fear or discomfort.




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