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‘Are we jokers as Ghanaians?’: How can Anas testify in a case that he is not involved? – Kennedy Agyapong’s lawyer asks



According to him, Anas’ absence from the infamous “Number 12” exposé, which formed the basis of Nyantakyi’s prosecution, undermines his claim as a principal witness.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM on May 19, 2023, lawyer Agyapong explained that a witness is expected to possess first-hand information or knowledge about the matter at hand.

He pointed out that Anas was absent from the documentary in question, casting doubt on his qualifications as a witness in the case. Agyapong expressed his confusion, asking why Anas would testify about a situation in which he did not feature.

“That number 13 or number 12 that Anas showed, did you see Anas in the video? So, when he comes to court, he is coming to testify as… you see a witness should have first-hand information or knowledge about the issue in contention… so if Anas comes to court, he will come and testify that where was he or where is he standing?

“If he wants to come to court…it is about a strategy that Kwesi’s lawyer will use, because I am asking you (host) that Anas Aremeyaw Anas, did you see him in the video? And he claims he is a principal witness, he has even added a principal witness, are we jokers as Ghanaians? Let me tell you, the first day that the statement came that I told you that Anas cannot come to court, he cannot, he is afraid,” he said.

Additionally, the lawyer criticized Anas’ reluctance to step forward and testify after a court ‘order’ mandating him to remove his veil and reveal his face to Nyantakyi in chambers. He accused Anas of lacking courage and described him as “not a man” for failing to come forward and provide his testimony.

“He is not a man, if he is a man, he should come to court…but they are saying the chamber, so the chamber has to do with the judge and Kwesi Nyantakyi, and their lawyers,” he added.

The case between the Republic and Kwesi Nyantakyi has gained significant attention since the release of Anas’ documentary dubbed Number 12, which allegedly exposed corruption in Ghanaian football. Nyantakyi was captured on a hidden camera allegedly accepting bribes and engaging in other illicit activities.

However, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has decided to withdraw from testifying as a witness in the case following a recent ruling by the High Court in Accra.

The court had granted permission for Anas to testify wearing a mask in open court, with the condition that he reveals his face to the accused person in the judges’ chambers beforehand.

The decision was announced in a statement by Tiger Eye P.I., the investigative firm led by Anas, which expressed concerns about the potential risks to his safety and security.




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