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Angry family members beat up a doctor for a patient’s death



The Ilorin Teaching Hospital in Ilorin, Kwara State detained the body of a patient and also arrested a family member of the deceased for beating up a doctor.

The angry family members beats a doctor at the accident and crisis unit of the hospital after casual deposition of medical staff. This incident happened after the death of a family member who suffered from a malignant blood growth was hospitalized for medical treatment.

When the family learned of his death, they attacked and beat one of the doctors, accusing him of negligence. Abdul, a relative, said they sent the deceased Alhaji Salui to hospital at 5 a.m. hoping doctors would attend to him.

They asked for a doctor to take care of the patient who was in critical condition, but no one obliged them. He also said they were shocked when a team of doctors suddenly attended to their family member after his death was confirmed.

What happened upset the family members and they beat up one of the doctors but the hospital administration confiscated the body unless they got some of the people who beat the doctor


Source: Gnewspage

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