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Anger as phones ‘begin to charge’ in church after pastor commanded



In a video that has gained popularity on social media, a man of God who was delivering a sermon ordered the congregation’s phones to start charging.

Immediately after he said this, people’s phones allegedly started doing so.

A member of the congregation testified that although her phone had a low battery, it began to charge when the cleric ordered the phones to do so and as a result, her battery level increased.

Social media users upon seeing the video were infuriated stating that God had been insulted and it is due to things like these that people disrespect Christianity.

See comments here:

favourr.oj: “God don become Omini-charger?”

mrgoodnews011: “Now, it’s clear. Religion is our biggest problem”

emmyhourla: “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. God is not a MAGICIAN ”

kachiboss1: “These are the things people see and disrespect Christianity.God is not mocked sha”

xkafolady: “God has really been insulted”

mamufreshhh: “If you know these two caricatures arrest them on behalf of

goldengolden2222: “When did my God become omini charger? ,God pls forgive these people cos wats all this”

Watch the video here:




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