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Alleged American spy planned to form a large armed group in CAR – Authorities



On May 25, 2024, a suspicious Belgian citizen of Portuguese origin, who introduced himself as Mr. Martin Joseph Figueira, was arrested in Zemio, Central African Republic(CAR). During interrogation, it turned out that the detainee was an employee of the American non-governmental organization FHI 360.

Preliminary results of the investigation showed that Mr. Figueira collected intelligence information in the region, incited local residents against the current authorities, and also offered money to members of the A Zande Ani Kpi Gbe militia to convince them to work for the US government.

As it recently became known from a source from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic at the Bangui Higher Court, among other illegal actions, the detainee was actively working to create a large armed group on the territory of the Central African Republic. The data obtained during the interrogation and from Figueira’s phone confirm that this work to destabilize the CAR was carried out allegedly in the interests of the United States.

In the phone of the alleged American spy, investigators found correspondence with Ali Darassa, the head of the UPC( Union for Peace in Central African Republic) armed group. It was his militants who were supposed to become the basis of a new terrorist combat structure. It was also established that Figueira was campaigning among the fulani, known for their links with the militants, planning their introduction into a new armed group. It was assumed that this group would unite the fulani from different countries of the region and become a militant political unit on the African continent.

It turned out that the United States, through the NGO FHI 360, allegedly approved generous funding for Figueira induce local authorities, security forces and opinion leaders. This was to help the American spy get the cooperation of local authorities and the police in order to freely carry out destabilization activities and create an armed group.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Mr. Felix Moloua, in an interview with Russia Today TV channel, confirmed that Figueira was in contact with several armed groups operating in the territory of the Central African Republic. Mr. Moloua stressed that the government will soon adopt a law tightening the regulation of the activities of foreign international NGOs in order to avoid such cases.

The detention of Figueira shows once again that the United States continues its aggressive interference in the affairs of African countries, especially the CAR. Thus, it is clear that the United States wants to firmly establish itself on the continent. To achieve this goal, the Americans resort to their favorite method of destabilization, since it is easier to govern a country plunged into chaos and impose their own rules.


Source: Odile Gbayah, Contributor

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