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Akwatia chief destooled by Abrade Royal Family for alleged mismanagement of stool property



The Chief of Akwatia, Osabarima Kofi Boateng III, has faced destoolment by the Abrade Royal Family of Akwatia over accusations of mismanagement and lack of accountability for family and stool property.

In a report, the destoolment ceremony, led by Abusuapanin Opanin Antwi Darkwa, took place at the palace, where a sheep was slaughtered to signify the chief’s removal.

Abusuapanin Opanin Antwi Darkwa addressed the media, highlighting the chief’s repeated failure to respond to charges of embezzlement and the sale of family and stool properties.

The family had sought resolution through the Akyem Wenchi chief, also known as Oseawuohene or their Divisional chief but Osabarima Kofi Boateng III did not honour the invitation.

The accusations against the Akwatiahene include the sale of family properties without proper accounting and alleged misappropriation of quotas from St. Roses SHS’ admission intended for Akwatia indigenes, which were reportedly auctioned to outsiders.

The traditional procession held in Akwatia township informed the citizens of the destoolment, and the family proceeded to lock the palace, signifying their takeover.



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