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Ajagurajah clashes with Lutterodt over having sex with a menstruating woman



Sex during menstruation carries negative spiritual implications, the Bishop said quoting the Bible to back his position.

“Our own president takes his personal chair along wherever he goes, it doesn’t mean he is arrogant. It is for spiritual reasons that he carries the chair around. Why did I bring my own chair to UTV? Because a chair that everyone sits in, I will not sit in it,” he shared on the Saturday, May 3, 2023, edition of United Showbiz on UTV.

The bishop was arguing against men having sex with women during their menstruation period and sighted the case of the president to buttress his point.

“The Bible says if a woman is in her menses and sits in a chair, if you also sit in that chair, you’ll be defiled for seven days,” he said.

His position however was countered by Counsellor Lutterodt who was also a guest on the show. According to him, there is no Biblical backing to the negativity ascribed to sex during menstruation.

Contrary to the Bishop’s view, Lutterodt noted that having sex with a woman in her menstruation has proven scientific benefits.

“There are so much scientific benefits to having sex with someone who is menstruating. It is science and in the biblical dispensation, there is nothing ever wrong when it comes to God when you have sex with anyone menstruating. It is those who are practicing rituals who are afraid…” he said.

Scientifically, Lutterodt said some women ovulate during their menstrual period hence the only window for the to get pregnant is during menstruation. He added that the only downside with having sex during menstruation is the discomfort of soiling one’s bed.



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