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Agya Koo slams Oboy Siki, others over claims he used ‘NPP money’ to build a house



Agya Koo, as part of his 54th birthday celebration, launched his new multi-million dollar mansion in Kumasi but has been at the centre of criticisms from Twene Jonas, Kevin Taylor, Oboy Siki, and others on social media.

Tackling the development on Kumasi-based Kessben Fm monitored by, Agya Koo debunked all the allegations he built his mansion with NPP cash.

“The building was there in 2007 and even the time I endorsed NPP, I completed the house just that I didn’t paint it. Sometimes I wonder why people try to peddle lies to make it look like that’s the truth because I built my own house from scratch” Agya Koo explained.

“I heard that I have been given a contract by NPP to buy cocoa, someone said I deal with fuel by a contract given to me by NPP but they were all lies. I don’t want to give Oboy Siki the attention because he talked with hatred but that will not stop me from doing what I can do to motivate others”

“I don’t want to be in a wheelchair one day then I will come on social media to beg for money that’s why I don’t joke with my work because I have to save money for any emergency situation that may come”, he said.

Watch the video below:


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