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Africas Dilemma-Foreign powers competing for influence and more than ever



Population so as to prepare themselves for its takeover when the forewarned disasters set to strike it should start rolling. This continent occupies a vital strategic position between the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic.


The continent has suffered the most atrocities that can befall man at any given time. As for the infamous slave trade, which is not even taught as part of its history in schools, we leave it for another day.

The continent has become one of the theatres for the power play between an expansionist China, a more assertive  Russia, and to a much larger extent, the traditional European powers and the


United States whose thirst for war, shedding of blood and the imposition of its confused ideologies.


Other countries, such as Turkey, through the sponsorship of the Saudi Arabia are also successfully increasing their footprint on the African continent.

Both the U.S. and Europe attempt to nudge African governance toward specific and of its latest immoral values, and forcefully make their support conditional on every issues that affect them.


Unfortunately, the traditional European colonial powers who have over the years taken to the concentration of building upon the loots from Africa and or whatsoever they can continue to exploit to their own advantages, have either abandoned Africa or continue to treat it in a paternalistic way.


The constant dictatorship of the west through the mirage democracy sold to Africa has only worsened the continents plights over the years. While some of the concepts brought to the continent could be made to transform it, many have rather been tailored to suit the Wests own interests.


It is advisable for the World seeking pieces of Africa’s cake to rethink as they fail to take into account the African culture, their self-perception and tradition. Africa is awakening to the fact and this is not only perception to say Africans are led to believe certain actions of its invaders can be termed as neo-colonialism.


Some might argue that, these accusations might be aimed at triggering guilt and garnering more support, but far from it. They are justified. African countries and especially its people need to start demanding their right to choose their own path. China, one of the strongest anti-corruption nations across the globe has been funding infrastructure projects that provide African countries with some amounts of benefits, far better than the west has ever done, yet it has been careful to refrain from criticizing issues related to governance and the broad daylight corruption and thievery. In fact, China has formed some of the informal corruption alliances that are robbing the continent of sustainable development.


Beijing’s objectives are well defined and strategically rolled out. It offers tangible support, although it is not uncontested locally. In exchange, China gets to expand its political and economic influence, enhancing its geo-strategic and geo-economic position since it joined in the race for the scramble of Africa.


In recent years, with BRICS gaining grounds and the western hegemony at its brink of start of its end, Russia primarily has focused on providing military support, either to ruling regimes or successful opposition groups. At first glance, one might say, its objectives are similar to that of China’s.


However, let’s take a look at this other angle. Moscow is significantly involved in the Sahel zone. This region, directly south of the Sahara, is prone not only to civil wars, coups and terrorist attacks but also overpopulation and drought.


While Africa’s decision to embrace BRICS and Russia is crucial for its breaking free of the chains of neo-colonialism that has held it bound, it is not to say that Russia is not there for its own interests.


It is being portrayed that the Kremlin might have an interest in fostering unrest in these resource-rich zones in order to ensure Europe’s supply lines minerals, including uranium, be disrupted and redirected to Russia or through Russian channels.


The armed conflicts which had been aimed to destabilise the middle east to force its young and energetic who would work to power its nations growth, but especially make demands on corrupt governments who have been in partnership with the west over the years has proven to be very effective.


The same strategy has been deployed in Africa for hundreds of years in areas where they know armed conflicts would best suit their causes.


In especially West Africa, the destruction of its educational systems, the collapse of industry and binding bilateral agreements that restricts the continent from using its resources to power its economy has been some of the methods used to destabilise these nations.


The Kremlin today is stepping in to make offers that are far better than the west has ever offered. It is to note that, the wests offers intensified the pressure on people especially the young and energetic once again to migrate to Europe due to unemployment among others and this has caused during the slave trade era and continue to cause destabilization today in the African regions.


Africa is waking up to a new dawn of realisation. A realisation that it actually have an equal bargaining power and therefore is ready to explore opportunities.


It is time for Africa to take its destiny into its own hands. What the west has called aid is nothing but taking its resources and packaging a little part of it labelled aid just so they can play charity.


Today is a new dawn. Africa must rise to say no to charity and embrace the fact that, every nation in the world, work with whatever is available to them to build their nations. Africa is ready to do same and the Francophone nations are setting the pace.


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