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Abia 2023: Anyaogu reveals rationale behind his gubernatorial ambition

A gubernatorial hopeful from Abia State, Chief James Okereke Anyaogu, has adduced the rationale behind his ambition to become governor of Abia state come 2023.
He also frowned the alleged politics of godfatherism being witnessed in the state which he posited, is the cause of the continuous  socio-economic and Infrastructural deficits in the state.
His latest position is coming against the
backdrops of the state of affairs in Abia, and the urgent necessity to make use of the upcoming general election in 2023, with their permanent Voters cards to enthrone responsive leadership and  to be able to foster the needed development of Abia , and also enhance  welfare of the populaces in the state.
Fielding questions during an interview with journalists on Wednesday, in Umuahia, Anyaogu, who doubled as renowned International business tycoon,
lamented that citizens of the state are being subjected to untold hardship and abject poverty, and as well as starvation, regretting that the government of the day pay lip service to their worsening conditions with no human and economic development plan to cushion the harsh effects on the people.
According to him, “As you may know, I am not a typical politician, I join this governorship race now because of the pains I see in the eyes of Abia people. Our people have gone through so much. Our people are suffering and the present government is not doing anything to help them. They do not have any plan for them.
“I come with a wealth of experience. I have good road. I have seen good state. I have seen people developed, and I know what it can take to develop people, because, the people are one that  develop the state”, he stated.
Anyaogu also used the medium to shed more lights on the political party he intent to use in pursuing his bid to become Abia governor, said that he is currently in talks with a major party and  would sooner than later, announce the political platform he would fly its flag in actualizing his 2023 ambition.
“I was suppose to announce my political party today, but being a man of high integrity and uncompromising mind, I want to make sure that the party I will go with, the party will agree on my principles. I do not want to ask Abia electorates  to vote for a party that will disappoint them tomorrow. I do not want to ask Abian to come with to a journey that would be dictated by anybody.
“As I have said before, I am not going to holding one person. I don’t want any godfather. My godfathers are going to be Abians. Is the people of Abia I will report to. So, I want to choose a party that will agree to that. That will let me carry out the plans  I have for Abians. Do the work I want to do for Abia people. And anything contrary to that, is unacceptable to me. So, I’m begging Abians to give this great opportunity to work these out. I will give them a party that is befitting, give them a party that worth their votes”.
He further admonished the Abia electorates to be wary of failed politicians, political parties and opportunists who have nothing meaningful to bring to bear towards the desire and yearning of the citizens for a better economic and Infrastructural  growth and developments of Abia state.
Anyaogu said, “I advise Abia people to be careful. Don’t fall for the promises anymore. They should not fall for their lies. Don’t fall because they give you money. Those money they will give you is your settlement. Vote your conscience this time Vote for the future of your children and grandchildren. Don’t be selfish with your vote, if they give you money, take the money, and vote your conscience”.
Source: Thepressradio.com|Nigeria|Chijindu Emeruwa

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