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Abena Korkor shows off her beautiful tattoo



In a recent TikTok session, Abena Korkor, who recently made a comeback to social media after a break, exhibited a change in behavior by going semi-nude and seeking attention once again.

Initially, she had been sharing inspirational Bible quotes and encouraging young women to embrace their faith. However, it seems she has reverted to her previous persona as the unofficial ambassador of the “bad girls association” in Ghana.

During the live TikTok session, Abena Korkor, seemingly under the influence, proudly displayed her favorite tattoo, which she claimed was a tribute to the renowned poet Maya Angelou. She also reminisced about her wild days in school, sharing anecdotes about her experiences with male classmates.

In conclusion, Abena Korkor’s return to her attention-seeking behavior on social media has overshadowed her previous efforts to promote positivity and faith. Despite her intentions to honor Maya Angelou through her tattoo, her actions during the TikTok session highlight her continued association with her past image as a “bad girl.”

Source: Managing GH


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