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Abeiku Santana in hot water for defending thieving workers, attacking Pizzaman CEO



In one of his editions of the Okay FM Drivetime show, the celebrated on-air personality did not mince words when he launched a scathing attack on Mr Boakye Yiadom, expressing disgust over a court sentence handed two employees of the businessman who stole from him.

The employees, Seidu Karim and Rashid Abdullah, are said to have stolen twenty (20) cartons of chicken wings and two (2) liters of cooking oil from the company’s warehouse in Nyankyerenease, Kumasi. The two were handed over to the police for investigations.

In the course of investigations, Seidu Karim confessed that in a period of two months, he had stolen twenty cartoons of chicken wings and gallons of cooking oil from the company. They were subsequently handed a 5-year jail term each.

But according to Abeiku Santana, it was repugnant for Boakye Yiadom who touts himself as a youth leader and activist to have pursued the case in court. Instead, he expected the Pizzaman CEO to deduct the value of the stolen items from the salaries of the offenders.

Abeiku argued that the offenders may have engaged in the act because of poverty and hunger, hence, there was no need for a court action against them.

“This Pizzaman parades himself as a youth leader and so on and so forth. Your workers steal 20 cartons of chicken wings and you’ve caused them to be jailed for five years each. What is the sense in it?” Abeiku asked.

“A poor person’s child engaged in stealing while working, why don’t you deduct it from their salaries? So, because of chicken wings which they didn’t steal in one day; it is an accumulated stolen item and they have been jailed five years each. Clap for yourself, you’ve done well. You are not a guy at all,” the media personality added.

Abeiku further mentioned that his criticism is not an endorsement of theft but an advocacy that ants should not be killed with a sledgehammer.

“We are not supporting and condoning criminal acts or stealing. However, jailing these people for stealing wings, brother, you didn’t do well”

His comments have triggered reactions on social media with users slamming him for what some described as unfortunate remarks. Some have descended heavily on Abeiku Santana for trivializing the issue considering the volume of items stolen by the ‘poor and hungry’ employees and have wondered if he would spew the same narrative if the tables turned. Others also argued that Abeiku may have made those remarks because he has personal scores to settle with Boakye.

Others have also described Abeiku Santana‘s comment as an endorsement of thievery.

Below are a few of the tons of remarks.




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