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‘A one-night stand, DNA test, child-neglect’ – All about Amakye Dede’s ‘fight’ with an alleged mistress



Amakye Dede’s alleged mistress, Georgina Darko, has opened up on the neglect and pain she had since encountered after discovering she was pregnant with the musician’s son.

This comes on the back of their supposed son, who stormed social media throwing attacks at the veteran musician for abandoning him all this while.

Earlier, in a viral video, Derick Amakye Dede who asserted that he is the long-lost biological son of the musician, opened up on being denied by his alleged father, who has even gone as far as blacklisting his mother.

Not long afterward, Amakye Dede, in a rebuttal on OyerepaTV, stated that Derick’s mother’s sole intention is to pin him down with a pregnancy that isn’t his.

“We finally run a DNA test and the man parading himself as my child isn’t. The woman just wanted to pull a fast one on me. he wanted to set me up. I have been reliably informed that she got pregnant for someone else, the person failed to accept it and that’s why she is bent on forcing it on me. If he thinks I have manipulated the results, he should come and take me to another place for a new one to be done. If it turns out that he is my son, no problem but if he is not, then let’s leave it at that,” he stressed.

However, sharing her side of the story, Amakye Dede’s supposed mistress has given a full-blown account of how she met the musician.

“I used to sell utensils. In 1984 I went to Kumasi to stock some of these utensils. Around that time, it was extremely hard to transport oneself from one place to another. Commercial vehicles were hard to come by. So, I was standing at a station in Ahafo market and a young guy called me.

“He asked where I was headed to and I said Nkawkaw but I wasn’t getting a vehicle. there was a long queue at that time. He charted a vehicle for me and that was when he told me he was Amakye Dede. It was a Monday, and he told me he will be at Nkawkaw the next Saturday for a show so I should come to look for him. He asked me to mention my name when I come to the event grounds and I’ll be able to locate him,” she said.

She gave a vivid account of how their one-night stand resulted in a pregnancy, which the musician has rejected to date.

“So, they gave me a seat in the front row and he even spotted me. He was staring at me the whole time he was performing and after the show was over, he sent for me and I went to see him in his hotel. I slept in his hotel till the next day and I left in the morning. I live alone with my father so I had to hurry home to see him. It was my first day seeing him and he never gave me a dime. He slept with me the entire night. I told him I had to take care of my father and that I will be back. He told me to go and come back. When I later returned to the hotel, he had packed all the instruments and left. He never gave me a dime but I respected myself and kept calm. I missed my period and I didn’t know where to locate him in Kumasi,” she added.

She further narrated how the search for the supposed father of her son, Amakye Dede, began several years ago and all the humiliation she had faced.

“My father found out that I was pregnant and got furious. But he looked after me till I gave birth and the baby was about 2 years. One day he told me that if I cannot produce the child’s father, I should leave his house. My father kicked me out, then I remembered he was from Agogo, so I went there. I met his uncle called Amakye. I narrated my ordeal to him and he told me that Amakye’s sisters are gone to the farm and will return soon.

“I was given food to eat and water to bath. I got there very early in the morning so they gave me a place to sleep. When I woke, they told me my child was roaming in the house when I was asleep and he was acting just like his father. Then we had a long conversation and they told me that they will speak to him and revert to me. they also told me that if he fails to take care of the child, they will assume that responsibility. The child was almost 4 years and I never heard anything from Amakye’s family. So, I went to my mother’s place at Okukrantumi,” she stated.

Madam Georgina said after finally meeting Amakye Dede, following a thorough and hectic search, he denied responsibility for the pregnancy outright.

This compelled her to seek justice by resorting to the tribunal, where Amakye Dede was absent at each sitting.

“I managed to locate his house in Abeka and I met his wife. I asked to speak to him and his wife told me he isn’t around. His wife said if I cannot spill whatever it was, I should get out of the house. One of his relatives came out to speak to me and I told him everything. I later went to his friend’s shop and he was called to come to the shop. Finally, I got to see him and told him everything that happened. He said he isn’t responsible and that his wife said I came to fight her in the house earlier,” she added.

“I took the issue to court. On the day we were supposed to be in court he was nowhere to be found. He asked one of his friends to represent him. Lawyer Kyeremanten. When they presented the child to him, he screamed. He said the child has a striking resemblance with his father. The court later asked him to name the child. And again, he sent his friends over. I have pictures from the ceremony. I told the court that I didn’t like the name given to our child and we changed it,” she retorted.

Meanwhile, Miss Georgina Darko is insisting on a fresh DNA test.

She said she intends to sue Amakye Dede for defamation of character should the results prove positive.

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