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6-day-old baby allegedly stolen



Kwame Amegbetsi and Portia Kemevor parents of the missing baby girl explained that the incident occurred Monday, June 5, 2023, at about 5:00pm after the mother left the infant who was sleeping in the room to rush out to buy baby diapers from a nearby shop.

She returned with shock to find that the baby has been abducted and was nowhere to be found.

All efforts to trace the whereabouts of the baby have since proved futile.

The father, Kwame Amegagbetsi who was on the farm when the incident occurred said an official report has been lodged at Teacher Mantey Police Station which search, and investigation continued in subsequent days but to no avail.

Robert Azaglo, Uncle of the baby told Starr News the entire family is shocked by the incident and therefore appealed to the police to help the family get the baby alive.

Some residents claim similar incidents have happened in time past and the children were never found.

They fear some criminals may have targeted children in the community for money rituals known as “Sakawa”.



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