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4 interesting things about ‘adulting’ in this era



We become more self-conscious

When looking into the mirror every day, you begin to question, who you are? Who you have been? and most importantly who you are becoming?.

You understand the value of work and money

Unlike the juvenile days when money was free, as adults, money no longer bears the same definition. In order to provide for basic necessities, it is critical to have jobs that will compensate us financially. For this reason, money is now seen as a return for value; And for this worth, we appreciate and cherish the job more especially when it brings personal fulfilment.

We can now vote

Unlike when we could not contribute our voices to political issues and governance, now as adults we can. Considering legally adult citizens have the right to choose who occupies public offices, it becomes a civic duty every adult is privileged to perform.

We can know what and who is important

As children, one of the biggest flexes was having a ton of friends to play with. But as adults, you come to understand the need to keep your circle small and the importance of making the right connections. Unlike feeling the overwhelming pressure to be everybody’s friend. As adults, we also come to terms with what is more important. We begin to set priorities regarding overall health, finances, relationships, etc. Unlike when everything was vague as kids, as adults, things become clearer.



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