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3 types of men that attract women without much effort



Today we shall be discussing six types of guys that easily attract most women without too much effort.

This list is not an end-all-be-all, but it does provide some insight into what women find attractive. Remember that everyone has their tastes and preferences, so they may have a different opinion from the list.

There are certain qualities almost all ladies are attracted to. Only a few out of them might not like those qualities and the probability that you would meet one of them is low.

1) Every woman wants to date a guy who’s on top of his game and very popular. He’s high up in the industry and makes big money. Women are attracted to this type of man because he has all these resources at his fingertips as well as the power to satisfy any need of theirs. Ladies will crush on a guy because others are crushing on the guy. Most ladies are attracted to popular guys.

2) The bad boy: This type of guy is the one every girl wants to get with but can’t because of his reputation. He’s often unapproachable and has a hard time making relationships work out for him, but he goes after what he wants and doesn’t care about anything else.

A lot of women find this type of guy attractive because they can get a thrill from the chase while also knowing it won’t last forever. When ladies tell you that they want a good guy, it’s a big lie! They would say a gentle guy is too boring

3) The Charming one: These guys have a natural charm that women are drawn to, even if they don’t know them personally. They might not be the best in relationships or conversation, but they are still able to come off as confident due to their handsomeness. Most ladies would want to show off how handsome their boyfriend is to their friends.

4. Ladies are usually attracted to men who have money. You don’t need to stress yourself about other qualities, if you have money, you are the taste of every woman. It is wrong to blame women for this, nobody wants to suffer anymore. However, some things are more important than money in a relationship. I won’t dispute the fact that money plays an important part in a relationship.



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