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3 police officers injured in a gun battle with civilians at a court in Tamale



According to a news report by Metro TV, the incident happened at a district court in Tamale on Monday, August 28, 2023.

The report indicated that the incident occurred when members of the community designed the court to ensure that a drug peddler, whose actions has been destroying the lives of the youth of Tamale, is properly prosecuted.

The members of the community accused the police of shielding the drug peddler and releasing him without proper trial any time he was arrested.

An altercation between the police and the youth, who have taken on the duty of fighting drug peddlers in Tamale, led to the exchange of gunshots, which according to the report, injured three police officers and several civilians.

A video of the incident shared by Metro TV showed people running for their lives as gunshots were being fired.

Watch the report below:


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