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3 major reasons Aisha Huang has become so powerful in Ghana – Kweku Baako states

Aisha Huang is known for her illegal galamsey activities in Ghana

Chinese galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang has again made headlines following her rearrest in Ghana. She had been deported for illegal mining activities about 4 years ago but ‘managed’ to return to the country.

Many questions have been raised about the loopholes in the system and why she was able to evade all the processes to return to Ghana and stay some weeks before her eventual arrest.

The National Identification Authority, Ghana Immigration Service, National Security and Interior Ministry have all, in their respective ways, spoken about the issue, indicating what may have accounted for her return and the roles they played in ensuring her arrest.

But these appear unsatisfactory considering that questions have been raised about how she was able to re-enter the country, and how her deportation details were not communicated to the relevant institutions, among other things.

One factor that has been attributed to the seeming inability of the state to bring a long-lasting solution to this problem is the subject of power.

Many have suggested that Aisha Huang appears to be getting away with a lot of things as far as the subject is concerned because of her connections and links with certain individuals and personalities in high places.

The latest to add his voice to this suggestion is Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr.

Speaking in an interview on Joynews’ Newsfile program, Kweku Baako Jnr. listed a number of reasons he thinks Aisha Huang appears to be getting away with punitive actions despite her illegal activities as regards mining.

1. Connections in high places:

According to him, Aisha has connections with big men in high places and for this reason, she appears rather untouchable regardless of her irresponsible actions.

“This particular Chinese woman, I have it on record – was arrested 3 times during the previous administration. Three times she was released. She is a very powerful woman. Operates more within the Ashanti Region, especially Kumasi.

“She’s got connections from my own checks also in this administration. She appears to be a very smooth operative. She’s built a network across the political divide. She’s got her agents placed in political institutions, particularly the security agencies.

“And she’s able to wriggle herself out of danger or trouble any time she is touched,” he said.

2. She has powerful Chinese accomplices:

Kweku Baako also noted that his checks indicate that Aisha’s actions are backed by accomplices who are also Chinese nationals. According to him, these women, one whom he says is called Monica, connive to execute their dubious activities.

“She’s got accomplices, one is called Monica, the other one, the name has slipped my mind cos it’s a Chinese name,” Kweku Baako added.

3. Sex video/audio clips of conversations, encounters of big men:

Kweku Baako added that Aisha Huang and her team have a group of women who have engaged in sexual activities with some big men in high places and have evidence of them. According to him, these women blackmail the said personalities with such content and entrap them such that, they are not able to fully implement their expected duties.

“Part of their strength is that they have built a certain system of blackmailing.

“They are women so I’m not going to use certain words and I’m not going to say certain things as to when they came into town, what they began to do, who they were; had nothing to do with galamsey. Gradually, they moved from that particular trade into galamsey.

“They have video and audio recordings of people who are powerful, of people who have been entrusted with the responsibility to protect us as a people. That’s how dangerous the game is and that is where the strength and power of these Chinese women is coming from.

“They have video and audio recordings of their conversations with some strategically placed persons from them and now and some they are having sex with, or they have girls; mainly Chinese, who they have brought into town, who sleep with these big men well-placed and they have them and they use it to blackmail our big men into submission. That’s how powerful they have become,” he stated on Joynews.

Meanwhile, Kweku Baako believes that persons receiving instructions from big men in society to take actions that support Aisha Huang and her people must report them as part of efforts to bring an end to the issue.


“Those receiving the calls from the so-called power brokers must be sure who is calling them and must expose them if indeed they work for the system. It’s part of the cure,” he noted.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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