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2024 salary: Organised Labour rejects Cost Of Living Allowance



COLA, an interim measure designed to offer relief when immediate salary adjustments are unfeasible, has been met with scepticism by Organised Labour, which argues that it would not positively impact pension disbursements and other associated benefits.

Deputy General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Mr Joshua Ansah, emphasised their stance, stating that they will advocate substantial salary increments instead of opting for a mere COLA.

Addressing reporters in Accra, Mr Ansah conveyed, “Choosing COLA would be ill-advised, as it fails to influence our pensions or overall earnings. Our preference is to secure the rightful compensation we deserve. Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that if the government entertains IMF involvement, it must safeguard our national minimum wage from any detrimental implications.”

In a separate development, Organised Labour has declined a monetary compensation offer presented by Sunon Asogli Power Limited, favouring the reinstatement of dismissed local union executives from the Ghana Mineworkers Union of TUC.

Despite Sunon Asogli’s proposal to provide GH¢1.2 million as compensation, Organised Labour remains steadfast in their demand for reinstatement.

On that matter, Mr Ansah said: “Our intent is not to monetise our rights; our struggle centres on upholding workers’ fundamental principles.”

Expressing dissatisfaction with Sunon Asogli’s refusal to restore the union leaders, Mr Ansah characterised the company’s decision as “erroneous.”

He asserted, “We hold that the termination of these leaders was unjust, and we firmly advocate for their reinstatement.”

Mr affirmed Organised Labour’s unwavering commitment to pursuing the reinstatement of the union leaders until a just resolution is achieved.



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