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2023 Presidency: Party chieftain, Jones Onwusoanya frowns alleged refusal of Peter Obi, LP to grant for



A chieftain of the Labour Party from Imo state, Mazi Jones Onwusanya has lambasted the Vice Presidential candidate of the main opposition Peoples Democractic Party(PDP) in the country and the Governor of Delta state, Ifeanyi Okowa over alleged refusal to grant access to the Labour Party presidential candidate, Dr Peter Obi for use of public facility in the state for their electionering campaigns and rallies ahead of this year’s general elections in the country.
Mr Onwusoanya, who doubled as the current Deputy National Leader of the apex igbo socio-cultural youth orgainzation, Ohanaeze Youth Wing, was baring his mind in a statement issued to journalists on Tuesday, posited the unwholesome act by Okowa-led administration in Delta state has further exposed the PDP presidential ticket as an unlawful, despotic and dangerous ticket and insisted that Nigerian citizens must do everything to avoid falling into their dangerous entrapment.
“The facilities are not owned by the governor or the party in power, but as the name clearly implies, by the people.
“It is an abuse of power and the most draconian act for the governor to stop opposition political parties from having access to public facilities, especially, when opposition groups are willing to meet every requirement for them to use the facilities,”he added.
Continuing, the former State Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) stated, “Governor Okowa is afraid of his own shadows. He knows that he can’t win Delta for the PDP even with the billions of naira of state funds he has allegedly pumped into that hamstrung ship and continues to pump in.
“The Labour Party has taken over Delta state, that there is absolutely nothing, 5000 Okowas can do about it.
“He can only cry and cling on the protection of the paraphernalia of his office for the few more months he will enjoy it, Onwusoanya further added.
He also insisted “Labour Party shall have their campaign rally in Delta state eventually, and the people; the long-suffering people of Delta who have determined to enthrone good governance, will troop out en masse to show solidarity to the incoming President of Nigeria and his team, to the eternal shame of Okowa and his ragged team of losers.
“Nigeria is moving ahead without the oppressors,”the party chieftain concluded.
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